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When implants are used?

Loss of teeth due to dental disease. Whether in your younger years or age occurs: severe gum or root inflammation, tooth decay and other diseases can cause tooth loss. Implants are in this case a great alternative to the teeth and thus restore its appearance.

An accident may be responsible for the loss of a tooth. Whether in sports or in everyday life takes place: an accident that leads to loss of one or more teeth, is a breeze. Again, make sure your dental implants in the natural state is restored. In some cases, even implant – will be placed immediately after an accident -. Depending on the damage to the surrounding tissue

Teeth may be missing from birth. When teeth and / or choose not developed that is genetically determined. Therefore there may be gaps in the row of teeth that are disfiguring and possibly even make eating and talking difficult. Implants can cause the teeth can be. Yet completed

In the absence of all teeth

In this situation, there is a choice of several options

In the absence of a single tooth
Where a natural root is lost, an implant can serve as artificial root (pillar) for a crown. Because the bone is now charged again by the artificial root, the bone spot no further dwindle. See Stuck teeth not only look like your own teeth, but also feel natural. A great advantage is that the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth do not have to be ground down in order to make a bridge.

In the absence of several teeth
Not only with a missing tooth, but even with multiple missing teeth can choose to fill with an implant bridge the gap.

The advantages of these constructions

  • Your denture is in every situation firmly.
  • The jawbone shrinks not by the natural loading of the bone.
  • You have no more pain and suffering from pressure sores.
  • The upper denture has almost no longer covered palate, making eating and talking is much more enjoyable.

For removable dentures are several mounting options.
We will be happy to provide more information about the best suitable solution.

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