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The benefits of dental implants

Most similar option to natural teeth with regard to both aesthetics and function. Feel like real teeth. Dental implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth in appearance and function.

Provide stable foundations for the prosthesis. This results in fewer pressure sores and less loosening of the prosthesis. The palate is no longer covered by the plastic denture plate, which has a positive effect on speech and chewing.

Removes the need to file adjacent teeth in the event that a bridge is fitted or a lost tooth replaced. They can prevent shrinkage of the jaw due to the natural pressure exerted on the jawbone. Shrinkage occurs in the areas of the jawbone that are no longer subjected to the pressure exerted by teeth. Implants ensure chewing forces are exerted on the bone, which helps to stop the bone shrinking.

Dental implants are safe

Since the development of implantology in the 1960s, the use of implants has been researched in over 10,000 scientific studies. This includes numerous long-term studies in which implant solutions have been monitored for upwards of 15 years. The extensive research conducted over the last 40 years convincingly supports the high success rate of over 96%.

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