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The costs are as individual as the solutions

The treatment provided and the costs involved depend on a variety of factors, such as the number of implants required, the construction that must be created (crown, bridge or prosthesis), and the technical procedures involved.

The individual treatment plan provides information about surgery costs (placement of the implants, bone construction), laboratory costs (creation of new teeth) and prosthesis (placement of the replacement teeth).

After your first consultation, you will receive a treatment plan that gives you a clear overview of all of the costs involved. The cost summary will include all costs involved in the treatment, such as the cost of the procedure itself, the creation of the prosthesis, crown or bridge, etc. Of course, the actual cost to you will depend on your insurance.

Click-on prosthesis

Treatment of a toothless lower jaw with a prosthesis on implants is generally covered by basic insurance. However, it does involve a small patient contribution and in many cases, prior authorisation must be requested from the health insurer.

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