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Fear Counselling

You are not alone. Afraid of the dentist is certainly not uncommon. About eighty percent of people in varying degrees anxious for a treatment at the dentist, five to seven percent is even very afraid.

People with a lot of anxiety sometimes dare no longer visit the dentist with all the consequences. The necessary periodic checks have not taken place. This is not a solution but makes the problem bigger and bigger. Because the dental visit is postponed, eventual problems can grow into serious proportions. Maybe there are cavities in the meantime or inflammation and the treatment where so dreads become inevitable

When anxiety is created once, it may worsen when visiting the dentist. The heart is going to beat faster, dizziness can occur or trimbeling in the chair.
These unpleasant effects can cause the feeling of fear is reinforced. Fortunately, there is much to do to make this feeling get away. With anxiety under control as a result.

What is frightening

  • the shrill sound of the dental drill.
  • expected pain during drilling.
  • the pain of injection for the anesthetic.
  • the thought of a needle in the gums.
  • feeling to have lost control in the dental chair.
  • unfamiliar with the treatment.
  • the feeling of being a poser
  • error of the dentist.

Our method

The most important thing is a good conversation with the dentist. Say that you are afraid, often a large part of the problem is then already solved.
In our practice, it is possible to extend an appointment so that there is more time for the problematic of anxiety.

We can also schedule an initial appointment where we only look, take a photo and make a diagnosis.

Especially in fear we explain each step of treatment carefully. Both before and during treatment. We also explain where all instruments are used for. In addition, you can look in a mirror. When you know what we do takes a lot of uncertainty and anxiety away.

In our practice, we are promoting a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. No stuffy waiting room but a comfortable area to wait for your appointment, as pleasant as possible. Our team is also set to understand patients with an anxiety problem.

Make an appointment

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