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Welcome at Kesseler Lock

The Clinic of Dental Implantology has been active for over 20 years and is a leading clinic in the field. Dental implantology is the practice of securing artificial tooth roots in the jaw to replace missing teeth. Since its foundation, the clinic has advised and treated thousands of patients. with an implant acceptance rate of over 97%!

With a great deal of patience and personal attention, as well as a meticulous eye for detail, we offer you a procedure with sustainable results that both respect and imitate nature to the greatest degree possible.

Our Practice

The clinic not only specialises in dental implantology, but also dentistry in the widest sense of the word. All conceivable dental treatments can be carried out at our clinic. Communication between the many specialists is therefore quick and easy.

We have a great passion for our work and we believe that good dentistry requires both an eye for beauty and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and scientific developments.

In addition to organising courses for dentists and dental implantologists, as well as giving lectures both in the Netherlands and abroad,the Clinic of Dental Implantology actively conducts research into the ideal replacement front tooth that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

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Monday t/m friday
from 8.15 - 12.00 en
from 13.00 - 17.00 uur
Phonenumber: 020-6449921.


In case of an emergency outside office hours please contact the Tandarts Spoed Praktijk


Kliniek voor Tandheelkundige Implantologie
Egelenburg 152
1081 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands