Dental hygiene

Maintenance of prostheses
It is sensible to carefully cleanse prostheses after meals and before going to bed. Use a good denture brush and liquid soap, and do not forget to clean the inside of the prosthesis. Avoid using toothpaste, as this is too abrasive. A clean prosthesis should always feel smooth to the touch.

Tartar can sometimes form on the prosthesis, which can be extremely difficult to remove. In such cases, you can leave the prosthesis overnight in Dental Sonic Cleaner, together with diluted vinegar (NB: only use vinegar that is fit for human consumption). Subsequently, in the morning, you can brush the plaque off the prosthesis (or remove the plaque using vibration if you have a vibrating container). Never place the prosthesis in hot water, and never use bleach or abrasive agents.

It is extremely important that you keep both the gums surrounding the implants and the implants themselves as clean as possible. The oral hygiene products available nowadays enable you to minimise the harmful bacteria that can cause problems.

Careful oral-hygiene habits enable years of comfort and optimal functionality of your dental implants.

dental hygiene

Oral hygiene for crowns and bridges
For crowns or bridges mounted on implants, all advice for cleaning natural teeth apply. It is important that you discuss with your dentist/oral hygienist what is the best option for your situation. Issues include whether to use an electric or a regular toothbrush, interdental brushes or simply floss, whether mouthwash is necessary, why tongue cleaning is necessary and what kind of toothpaste you must use.

We can can provide advice regarding all of these matters.

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